Which FIVE YEAR MISSION member are you?

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Welcome to the "Which FIVE YEAR MISSION member are you?" quiz. In this quiz you will waste several minutes of your life finding out absolutely nothing about yourself.

But what you WILL discover is which member of FIVE YEAR MISSION you are most like. Because this is important information that you cannot continue navigating life without. ENJOY!

Created by: Charlie Evans of FIVE YEAR MISSION
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  1. When you are out enjoying the nightlife, how many drinks would you normally have?
  2. How much do you love Star Trek?
  3. Finish this lyric: But now that her supply is thin, it won't stop her in the end...
  4. What is the relative minor to E major?
  5. Pepsi or Coke?
  6. Who is the best Captain? Kirk or Picard?
  7. What kind of guitar would you most like to play?
  8. How likely would you participate in a Gorn fight?
  9. What is your dream job?
  10. How long should an average song be?
  11. Are you a Brony?
  12. Which FIVE YEAR MISSION album is your favorite?
  13. What should FIVE YEAR MISSION do once they are done with all of the TOS episodes?
  14. The Beatles
  15. Who is your favorite TOS character?
  16. Where do you like to listen to FIVE YEAR MISSION the most?
  17. If I could travel back in time, I would do this:
  18. Do you like cats?

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Quiz topic: Which FIVE YEAR MISSION member am I?