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  • Your Result: You are Princess Garnet Til Alexandros 17th FF9

    is the heroine of Final Fantasy IX. Garnet is the Princess of Alexandria -- one of three major nations located on Gaia's Mist Continent. She is the only heir to the royal throne. A beautiful young woman, Garnet is well spoken and highly educated, but also possessed of a strong will and a stubborn streak. However, due to her sheltered upbringing she is also shy and quite naive. In battle, she can cast white magic and summon eidolons. You have the spirit of travelling and you like it but you don't have the freedom that's why there is a Zidane Tribal always near you

    -- cool. thanks.

    Too me
  • Yay i got Yuna . I always wanted to know what happens , because i always die in ffx .

  • I like Aeris and she dies,but no one takes my Cloud away from me!


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