Which Famous Lubbockite Are You?

Lubbock has produced some famous people in its glorious past, such as Buddy Holly. Lubbock has quite a few interesting characters living in it today, too. Which one are you most like?

Find out which famous Lubbockite you are most like by taking this fabulous quiz! Be honest in your answers. This may be the most important quiz you'll ever take. Yeah.

Created by: Lubbock Chick of Lubbock Chick
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  1. You see your boss at United Market Street. What do you do?
  2. For attention, you like to:
  3. What will you do on election day in November 2008?
  4. Your favorite drink is:
  5. On Saturday nights in Lubbock, you like to:
  6. Your favorite Lubbock store is:
  7. My philosophy of life can best be described by:
  8. For Halloween, I dress up like:
  9. When I want to make someone mad, I:
  10. My biggest moment was:

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Quiz topic: Which Famous Lubbockite am I?