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  • My answers make sense cause I love mcr fob and patd and know nothing about tøp lol. But also when u said “what do u eat for breakfast” the first thing I wanted to say was nails for breakfast tacks for snacks but then it wasn’t an answer ;-; lol anyway love the quiz and uh yes I’m taking a quiz like this in 2019. Don’t judge me.

    which emo band member are you!
    Your Result: pete wentz

    you are the emo boy of all the emo girl's dreams. that sounds really creepy oh jeez im really sorry. anyways, you got really cool hair so yah nice job

    44%gerard way

    44%patrick stump

    44%brendon urie

    0%tyler joseph

    weenieman Feb 27 '19, 5:27AM

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