Which element are you?

This is the WHAT IS YOUR ELEMENT quiz! This quiz will tell you about your personality and how people think of you! The posible elements you can get are fire, water, earth, metal, shadow and light.

I hope you enjoy my quiz and remember, answer truthfully and don't lie to get the element you want! This is also my first quiz the if i mess up or you think this is accurate, then comment and I'll to my next quiz better!

Created by: UltimiteYeeter

  1. If you had to choose one of these enviorments, what would it be?
  2. If someone was attacking you, which weapon would you quickly pick up to fight with?
  3. Pick an animal to have as a pet...
  4. You are starving and you see food in front of you. Which will you choose to eat?
  5. Choose the option that you think you are.
  6. Which monster is your favorite out of these options?
  7. Choose a name you would like to changer your name to.
  8. Choose a pokemon...
  9. Choose a surper power...
  10. Choose the element you want for your result...

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Quiz topic: Which element am I?