Which Eight are You?

So, have you ever wonder what eight you are? Well, in this quiz you'll find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(There have to be 150 letters, that's why I put so many exclamation points.)

Be it Adventurous Annie, Dangerous Durinda, Great Georgia, Joking Jackie, Mad Marcia, Problematic Petal, Rash Rebecca, or Zany Zinnia, I hope you enjoy your results! :)

Created by: Adora

  1. In the next questions you will type true or false depending on your opinion.
  2. Cooking is great!
  3. I love school!
  4. Science? Blech.
  5. Substitutes are bad.
  6. In the next questions you will pick your favorite option.
  7. Favorite?
  8. Favorite?
  9. Favorite?
  10. Favorite?
  11. In the next questions, just click an answer that best suits you, try to be honest.
  12. Your friends would describe your negative traits as...
  13. Your friends would describe your positive traits as...
  14. You'd like to be...

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