Which Dream Team Member Are You?

Dream Team Quiz! uHM. If you want you can take the quiz and find out what DT member you are, the options are; Sapnap, Dream ,George uhm yeah. . . . . . . . .

please dont kill me if you dont get who you wishbecause that would be annoying and fustrating sodo not rant about it in the comments either or ill be snapping necks tonight :D

Created by: Anonymous
  1. Twitch Or Youtube
  2. How Good Are You At PVP
  3. Favourite Colour?
  4. Social Interactions?
  5. Who Are You In Your Friendship Group?
  6. What Sibling are you?
  7. Cat or Dog Person?
  8. Glasses?
  9. Favourite Minecraft Weapon?
  10. Hoodie, Bandana, Goggles or Mask

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Quiz topic: Which Dream Team Member am I?