What dsmp member are you

This quiz will determine who you are more alike. the possible results are dream, georgenotfound, sapnap, tommyinnit, tubbo, and quackity. this is EXTREMELY SHORT, but that just means you get results quicker ;), anyways. i dont want to upset anyone with the results so please understand that this was literally just for fun. hope you understand :)

not sure what to put here but uhhhhh fact about me is that im a new fan, just arrived 4 months ago..- hmmm. uh. im gonna be in 10th grade a soon as school starts yk (its aug 14th 2023). SO YEAH- that a little about me. my< friends also started a group like the dream team but different. its called buried youth and its a streaming group of 4 members. im a member. Its named buried youth bc the official members have(or are) gone(ing) through something and its also for any

Created by: Jada of My Twitter( follow me:] )
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  1. do you like to make plans for things but make backup plans just in case your main plan doesn't work out?
  2. are you known for being loud and confronting?
  3. fav color. chances are these will count points
  4. do you get mad easily
  5. do you like to debate? even if just for fun?
  6. do you accept my apology for making this short? (since its short, these do count for points :] )
  7. how creative are you?
  8. id laugh if i seen a kid fall..ngl..
  9. ...lego city?? thoughts??
  10. did you like this quiz? (counts for points but its depended on how the person would answer)

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Quiz topic: What dsmp member am I