which dsmp member are you?

hey guys! welcome to my quiz, get comfortable :) i sadly couldnt do all the members, but i tried to do almost all, but anyways, good luck with the quiz and i hope you enjoy it!

i have no idea what to write here so im just gonna pastea few six and I work in an officeNine 'til five's not the best, I'll be honest, if i could change a single thing id make it me and not him

Created by: ash
  1. in what weather do you find comfort?
  2. what kind of stores do you like?
  3. what would be your last words?
  4. favourite meal of the day?
  5. are your fears common fears?
  6. do you like to eat bread while crying?
  7. is touch your love language?
  8. do you have autism?
  9. european or american?
  10. morning or night?

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Quiz topic: Which dsmp member am I?