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I decided to make a new quiz instead of continuing A Beachy Summer. I really like this idea because it technical shows how life changes suddenly without you being ready for it.

Okay a heads up. This series includes Christian views and if you aren’t comfortable With that then please don’t take this quiz. Right now there isn’t a lot of it in here but there will be lots more. Hope you guys enjoy this!

Created by: ElizabethAdams

  1. Some say that life is full of ups and downs and that they just create your life’s path. That’s not what it means for me. I’m Lola Williams, or at least i was a Williams. I turned my back on my Catholic heritage to pursue the Lord and his teachings that Jesus was the one and only Messiah and the way to God. Now I’ve been kicked to the curb and have been disowned by my own family. Now i have to fight my way though struggles of different paths and find ways to keep going when i just want to end myself. This is my story. Your in for a very, very bumpy ride.
  2. “Get back here you rat!” The owner of the gas station yelled as i ran out with a packet of water and a bag of food. Life hadn’t been the same ever since my family disowned me and left me to fend for myself. I was angry. Angry with my family, my friends, and even God. He was supposed to make life easy and he didn’t. My life was a complete mess all because i decided to follow him instead of my family. Now i have nothing left but myself.
  3. I cursed under my breath as i ran faster. My heart thudded and beads of sweat ran down my forehead. “Have “wheeze” to get “wheeze” away “wheeze”.” I wheezed as i continued to run through an abandoned alleyway. Finally i managed to shake the guy off my trail. I was where my camp was set up and collapsed down on my bed. I was exhausted from running. I couldn’t continue this life anymore.
  4. My eyes fluttered closed and I automatically fell asleep. But i was awaken a few minutes by the sound of scrabbling. “Who’s there?” I called out in the darkened street. I heard the scrabbling again and swiped out with my hand. I hit something and heard someone cure under their breath. “Who are you?” I asked again, this time getting on m knees and trying to find my flashlight. When i finally found it i shone it onto the stranger and saw a boy about my age (16) starring back at me, his eyes wide.
  5. “I ask you again. Who are you?” I asked him angrily. The boy sat down and continued to stare at me. “I’m Andrew.” He said. “And who are you?” He asked me. “Lola.” I muttered. “What are you doing going through my stuff?” I seethed looking over at the bag of food that i had just happened to have stolen already. “I was just seeing if you had any spare food for me and my.......” He din’t finish which caused me to raise my eyebrow. “There’s more of you?” I asked cautiously. Andrew nodded his head before whistling. I turned to see three other kids that were hiding behind a near dumpster slowly come out of hiding and make their ways over to the two of us. “Lola, meet my younger siblings. This is Myah.” Andrew pointed to the smallest who looked like she was around the age of six. “Then here’s Peter.” He pointed towards a boy who looked like he was around the age of eleven. “And this is Emmy.” The last girl seemed to be the closest to my age, maybe thirteen or fourteen. “Guys, this is Lola.” “Hi.” I said casually looking the three over. The little girl, Myah, walked over to me and stared straight into my eyes. “Please, can we have some food?” She asked, her bright green eyes shimmering as…
  6. I watched as the kids dug through my bag and pick out one thing of food for themselves. “So, how long have you been on the streets for?” I asked Andrew., watching hungrily as he and his siblings ate most of my food. “Since Myah was three.” He said through a mouthful of goldfish. “I nodded my head. “You?” “I’ve been out here since i was thirteen.” I mumbled, thinking back to that horrible day when my own flesh and blood kicked me to the curb for what i said i believed in. “That sucks.” Andrew said. I nodded my head again. “Yah. Yah it does.”
  7. When the family was done eating they said goodbye and disappeared into the night. I felt exhausted so i lay my head down on my old pillow and quickly fell asleep. I slept soundly for a couple of hours until someone shook me awake. I opened my eyes to see a women with her red hair pulled tightly back, with green eyes, and black glasses that hung around her neck. “You’re coming with me.” She said grabbing my wrist tightly and pulling me away from my stuff. “LET GO OF ME!” I yelled, struggling to break free from her. The women kept walking until we reached a van. She tossed me in and got in front with a man and drove off with me inside. I shrieked and banged on the door, but no one heard me. No one was coming to help.
  8. I sat in the back of the van for hours upon hours. When it finally stopped, i had given up hope of getting out of there. The woman opened the door, grabbed my wrist tightly, and pulled me towards a large building. When i got a closer look i saw a sign that said..... “Williamsburg Rehabilitation Sight”. My eyes widened. “Why am i here!” I screamed at the lady. She just continued on. We were finally inside. The woman sat me down in a chair outside of n office and waited patiently for someone to come out while i squirmed in my seat.
  9. When i was finally taken into the office I was sat in front of a burly man who had rolls of fat underneath his pig-like chin. I glared at him through slotted eyes. “Why am i here?” I growled. The man rolled his eyes. “I’m Jasper Fitzhugh and you are here because we have been notified of your troubles and how you steal from the stores in Williamsburg.” Mr. Fitzhugh said in a growl voice. He turned around and motioned for someone from the other side of the room. A girl around my age stepped out of the shadows. “Holly, would you mind taking Mrs—er” “Lola.” I said through flared nostrils and clenched teeth. “Alright. Mrs. Lola here to” Holly nodded, took my arm around the elbow, and hauled me through several corridors, outside across a field, into another building, onto the fifth floor, and to a small room with just a bed, wardrobe, and bathroom. “Thanks.” I said not making eye contact. Holly nodded. “Your uniform is in the wardrobe.” She said before leaving. I walked over to the wardrobe and opened it. Inside were a few pajamas, a few non uniform clothes, and the uniform which was a white long-sleeved shirt with the school’s logo on the arm, then a long navy blue skirt…
  10. That’s the end of the quiz. I hope to make the next one’s much longer. Hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day! Bye!

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