Which DreamSmp member are YOU?

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This is a quiz that will ask simple but effective questions that will reveal who from the possible results you are most like keep scolling to find out!

Are you most like Dream,George,Tommy,Tubbo,Wilbur,Ranboo,Sapnap,Niki,Tina or karl???Hope you enjoy, any questions or complaints dm me on instagram - gnffics

Created by: Delilah

  1. What is your favourite food source in Minecraft?
  2. Favoutie Biome?
  3. Favourite mob???
  4. What Nation would u join?
  5. Who would you want as a BFF?
  6. Favourite Colour
  7. Favourite Weather?
  8. Favourite 'dreamsmp song'
  9. Favourite Movie Genre?
  10. Time of day?
  11. Favourite Drink?
  12. Favourite Fast Food?
  13. Whats your favourite game?
  14. How would u feel if you went viral?
  15. Lastly...How would you describe yourself?

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Quiz topic: Which DreamSmp member am I?