Who is your DreamSMP best friend?

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Hellooo! and welcome to this quiz! this is a quiz to see who might be your DreamSMP best friend might be! In my opinion, this is probably accurate, so yeah. Have fun!

The character results are: Tubbo, Glatt, Ghostbur, Wilbur, Techno, and Tommy! so, out of these members/ characters, we'll see who your best friend might be.

Created by: Woofaboo

  1. Favorite faction of the DreamSMP out of these?
  2. Favorite character out of these? (or just someone you like)
  3. Who do you think (in your opinion) was the best President of L'manburg?
  4. What one of these songs do you think fits Ranboo's memory loss arc?
  5. Wilbur's revival...
  6. What side do you think you are on from DreamSMP? (no nuetral because some lore man made war ig)
  7. (Some scenarios!) Ranboo walks over in his Enderwalk state and you say nothing. Tubbo then comes by later and asks if you've seen him as he's worried, what do you tell Tubbo?
  8. You are walking along the Prime Path when you hear loud shouting behind you. You turn as you see Mexican Dream (yes ghost form) run past shouting in Spanish, and a crowd of people chasing him. Tommy walks by and asks what happened, what do you say to Tommy?
  9. Wilbur (revived wil) walks over to you as you are walking around, he is way taller than you (6'5 wth??) and asks if you have any stone on you. You only have 2 stacks and need to do stuff, what do you do?
  10. Finally, who do you think suits your personality the best out of these?

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Quiz topic: Who is my DreamSMP best friend?