Which Dream SMP Member Are You?

This quiz will determine who you, in my opinion, are most similar to out of a list of members of Dream's SMP. Answer as truthfully as you can or I'll send my sleep paralysis demon after you.

(I wrote this at 1:38 am two days after election day pls forgive me i dont remember where i am or my own name and im failing half of my classes and the us is going through a lot of stuff rn)

Created by: Bedlamateur
  1. L'Manberg, Manberg, Pogtopia or Dream Team?
  2. Are you the simp, or the simped?
  3. Your minecraft house has been destroyed. You:
  4. Upon losing a game or challenge, you are most likely to:
  5. How much do you value improvement?
  6. Select the phrase you most agree with.
  7. Who do you think is most likely to win in a hunger-games situation out of these people?
  8. Select a Jungian Archetype.
  9. Select another Jungian Archetype.
  10. Pick a color combo.
  11. Pick a time period/place.
  12. You would most describe yourself as a(n):
  13. Pick a MCYTer.

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Quiz topic: Which Dream SMP Member am I?