What dream smp character you are in war

This quiz is about what dream smp character you would be in war. It all depends on your answer, like a normal quiz but not really. Thanks for taking this quiz I appreciate it.

Haha I dont really know what to put here so, boohoo cracker. techno take the wheel. Wilbur blew up L'Manberg while I was doing school work. Jesus christ.

Created by: Chloe

  1. What kind of things would you do to prepare for a war?
  2. What would you do at the start of the war?
  3. Who do you think will win the war? (depending on plan)
  4. At the end of the war you would.. (when the enemy is winning)
  5. What character do you think you'll get? (This will barely affect your score.)
  6. If someone were to come up to you and say "boohoo cracker" would you know the reference?
  7. Are you okay with me adding random questions from now on?
  8. British or American?
  9. Whats your fav color?
  10. Hows your day goin?

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