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  • Lemme just say (this is not a hate comment but you can choose to take it that way) I did not expect Quackity. I believe Im more DreamI prefer to stay on the sidelines and not reveal who I bear my loyalty to. Ill fight for the right price and I like using tunnels to ambush my enemies. (Though one big difference is I suck at Minecraft and Dream doesnt.)

  • Your Result: Tommyinnit 80%

    You're determined and will do anything to fight for your land. Even if it means sacrificing something you love. You have an amazing best friend that you get along quite well with.

    Wasn't expecting to get Tommy, but pop off-

    Got 75% Tubbo, which makes more sense. Good quiz overall.

  • Tbh, I just dont understand this quiz. Not to be rude or anything I didnt really expect to get Wilbur Soot. First, I dont swear. Second, I hate him. And im more a Tubbo, BBH, Skeppy, Dream girl. Just saying. This quiz is good but room for improvement definetly.

  • Wow i never expect i would get dream-