Which dog are you?

This quiz is for the extreme dog lovers. If you quit this quiz, you don't love dogs. You aren't even a man if you don't do this quiz. If you are a male and don't finish this quiz, you loose your man privileges. If you aren't a man, please do this quiz. If you consider yourself manly-ish, do this quiz or you loose your manliness.

All jokes aside, this quiz is just for dog lovers. Even if you are a cat lover you can still take this quiz. Have fun while your at it. Now if you excuse me I need to cry in a corner for 3 hours.

Created by: bobby

  1. What is better? My Immortal or Twilight?
  2. If someone on the streets offered you dog food woulld you accept it?
  3. Best office episode
  4. You can't see me
  5. Who is the best painter?
  6. Ya like jazz?
  7. Who is britney spears?
  8. Is this the eighth question?
  9. What dog do you think you are going to get?
  10. eekum bokum
  11. You exited to see what dog you got?

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Quiz topic: Which dog am I?