This is to see how much you know about dogs. Dogs are super kind and sweet. I believe everyone should love dogs. Good luck on the quiz! Hope you do well !

Are YOU a dog lover? Do you think you could do well. Do you know about dogs. Since dogs are amazing i decided to make a simple test that everyone should pass. If you dont it ok keep trying

Created by: Doggy
  1. Do all dogs bark
  2. What type of dog was Lassie?
  3. Do dogs have better hearing than cats?
  4. German Shephards are the only type of police dog
  5. Which lives longer
  6. Hyenas are in the dog family
  7. Where do most dogs in pet stores come from
  8. What should you NEVER do when training a dog.
  9. What do dogs want most?
  10. All dogs need to get respect and love from others.

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