Which Divergent Faction are you in?

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This quiz is for my friends, the ULTIMATE DIVERGENT QUIZ. Sorry if this may be wrong...but I tried my bestThis test has a few questions that you choose from.

This test may be similar to an Aptitude Test than an ULTIMATELY RIGHT TEST so please have no hate if I'm wrong. Once again, I tried my best. By The Way... I am Dauntless faction.

Created by: Mooney

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  1. What is your Favourite Colour?
  2. What is your Dream Job?
  3. If Faced with a Challenge, what do you do?
  4. What Clothing Style do you wear?
  5. What do you Identify Yourself to be?
  6. What are your Flaws?
  7. What Faction do you think you're in?
  8. Which Character do you identify with most?
  9. What is your Favourite Past time?
  10. What is your Weapon?
  11. Favourite Food?
  12. Spirit Animal?
  13. If had the choice, where would you go?
  14. Why do you like Divergent?

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Quiz topic: Which Divergent Faction am I in?