What is you Divergent Faction

Hey there! Ever wonder what faction you are in divergent? If not want to know if you are.... Erudite: Smart. Dauntless: Brave. Amity: Cheerful. Abnegation: Selfless. Or Candor: Honest. Well it's time to find out!

Take this quiz and discover where you would belong in the Divergent world! Do you fit in? What faction are you!? Or maybe your not a faction at all.... Maybe you are DIvergent....

Created by: Tessa
  1. What color do you like the most???
  2. You are handed a gun, and is told to shoot someone innocent. What do you do
  3. Your on a moving train, when someone tells you to jump off it.
  4. Your in you bed, when you feel really hot. You get up and find your house on fire!!! What do you do???
  5. Your walking through the woods when you hear someone shouting "HELP! HELP!" you...
  6. Your standing in a field when a cloud of crows start to attack you. You try to escape but your feet are stuck! What do you do!
  7. What do you like to do in your free time?
  8. You and your friend are bored. Your friend suggests to go Rock-Wall-Climbing. What you say???
  9. You find 100 dollars on the ground. WHat do you do with it
  10. What Faction do you think you got?
  11. Haha! Did you think that was your last question?

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