Which Creatu Color Are You?

Your favorite Creatu may be an Albino Ebilia. Maybe it's just a natural Zenirix. Are you greedy? Are you nice, or boastful, or prissy? You can find out what other Rescretians may think about you. Read on!

And how do Natural Creatu feel compared to Blondes and Albinos? Are you a high-and-mighty Albino, or a lowly Nattie or Sepia Creatu? Your rep means a lot on Rescreatu. Do you have one that will make you friends or make you sink? Let's find out.

Created by: Flurr of Rescreatu
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  1. Which class is your favorite Creatu species under?
  2. Answer the following questions with T (true) or F (false).
  3. Your favorite Creatu is a holiday Creatu. (NOT a Credit Shop Creatu)
  4. Your favorite color on your favorite Creatu is a common one such as natural, sepia, cream, or even black.
  5. Your favorite Creatu's egg is found on Scria or Reiflem.
  6. You always expect to FIND (not buy) at least 15 holiday eggs every time one can be found.
  7. You use the stock market whenever possible.
  8. On Halloween, you would look on Relcore for a Jaaku rather than on Reiflem for an Ebilia.
  9. You have at least one item worth over 5 million TU.
  10. Which planet is your favorite?
  11. Will you reccomend this quiz to any of your friends on Rescreatu?

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Quiz topic: Which Creatu Color am I?