Which Color Represents You?

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Your favorite colors, or the colors you are attracted to, can show you why you act the way you do. If you have a temper and act on impulse, then red may be your color. If you a quiet and peaceful, you may be leaning towards blue.

I am fascinated by the colors, and you should be too. It is amazing how they can tell us why we are who we are and why we act like we do. So I really hope you enjoy this quiz.

Created by: Cordelia
  1. Are you often quick to anger or easily angered?
  2. Do you have a need for logic and order in your life each day?
  3. Do you have a deep need to belong and to be loved?
  4. Do you have to have inner peace and truth in your life?
  5. Do you enjoy helping others in need?
  6. Do you have a deep need to be love unconditionally?
  7. Do you feel the need to be able to express all your hopes and dreams, no matter how idealistic?
  8. Do you need perfection in all aspects of your life?
  9. Do you constantly need to be socializing?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz? (Has no effect on your result)

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