which Clique character are you?

the girls are smart witty and can make you cry like a little baby,butnot all girls who get massie do that, try this quiz and see if you are top dog in the pretty commitee or are just a kuh-laire

do you have what it takes to be in the pretty commitee?and be massie, alicia, dylan, kristan, or kuh-laire? thanks for taking this quiz and you will soon find out if you are a true alpha or just a beta

Created by: savannahbanana
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  1. STTOOOPP!!!! your fav clothing store is having a sale and you have all of the birthday money your grandma gave you. what do you buy?
  2. one of the losers come up to you and asks were you got your top. you?
  3. today is the day when you go to a little camping trip with your class boys encluded.what do you plan on doing most of the time?
  4. what is your biggest fear?
  5. are you insecure?
  6. are you popular?
  7. are you an alpha?
  8. are you beautiful?
  9. do you like lip-gloss?
  10. what is your fav thing to do?

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Quiz topic: Which Clique character am I?