Are You Pretty Commitee worthy?

Imagine you transfered to Octavian Country Day School in Westchester, New York, from the Clique series. What would the school's queen bee, Massie Block, think of you? Would you be accepted into the exclusive Pretty Commitee, or be dismissed aas an LBR?

Well what are you waiting for? Take this quiz to find out where you would stand at Octavian Country day School! Stop reaning. Are you still reading! Just move on and take the quiz already!!!!!!!

Created by: MassieBlock
  1. You use...
  2. You eat
  3. You see a girl walking up in knock-offs and way too much makeup. Your reaction?
  4. If someone told you that you were ugly...
  5. Pugs are...
  6. If you could sit with any of these cliques yz would sit with...
  7. Ideal activity?
  8. You wear...
  9. Ideal sleepover?
  11. Will u rate?

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Quiz topic: Am I Pretty Commitee worthy?