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  • WTJ is an alpha? I think I've heard it b4. I'm not the head of the group. But yes i love the color purple! Never read the books though my friend has. I thought the quiz said which clique are you? Totally missed the character part. Oh well. Again I say what kind of name is Massie? Then again you don't judge ppl by their names soo....bye.

    Puppy xo1
  • Whoa. I got MASSIE. I've read almost all of the books and . . . . . I am barely like her. I like the color purple, I love dogs (I have 2), and I am not afraid to speak my mind. but other than that? Pfft. Me and Massie got nothin' in common.

  • omfg best quiz everrrrrr! This girl ( Sarah nicole) sure knows how to make a quiz!;)


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