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  • i got pheobe i watch the show every night from 11pm to 2am

    SC countrygirl Apr 25 '16, 7:42AM
  • PHOEBE!!!

    FRIEBFF Sep 3 '15, 4:50PM
  • I'm Phoebe

    sefinat yahaya Jul 22 '15, 6:07PM
  • funniest people alive

    sefinat yahaya Jul 22 '15, 6:05PM
  • Chandler Bing

    ZariahRoze Jul 16 '15, 7:58AM
  • Your Result: Pheobe


    Yo u are a good friend, and you know how to make people laugh. You never try and get sympathy for yourself, because you are not at all selfish. you are creative and it is never boring when you're around. It IS ok to get miserable once in a while though!

    xXCHILLXx Mar 30 '15, 7:33PM
  • chandler 92 % hell yeah

    hurrcan Mar 12 '15, 5:55PM
  • F___k ..Am I the only guy here? O_o

    kent69 Nov 16 '14, 1:39AM
  • F___k ..Am I the only guy here? O_o

    kent69 Nov 16 '14, 1:34AM
  • Good I got joey 86% because I'm a guy.

    Rachel 76% phew! :3

    kent69 Nov 16 '14, 1:31AM
  • I've always known I was a Phoebe; we even have the same career haha

    Zebramoon Apr 1 '14, 1:17PM
  • Phoebe, Yeah that's about right

    hannm Aug 13 '12, 5:41PM
  • Chandler, I can kinda see it :P

    hathaway_runaway Jul 6 '12, 6:22AM
  • I got Rachel!!!!!!!!!! I love her!!

    Degrassi girl May 20 '12, 9:58AM
  • Rachel.

    SP11 Apr 15 '12, 4:27PM
  • i got pheobe?
    i hope thats good
    i haven't seen the show but
    someday i'll watch one
    that and scrubs

    skatterbrain Sep 12 '11, 3:30AM
  • Lol fun quiz

    Pretender Mar 26 '11, 1:19AM
  • says im monica but im like phoebe though...
    im not a neat freak and im not competetivie like monica!!!
    i am phoebeeeeee! she gets me

    Shaysterrr Sep 28 '10, 9:30AM
  • yay i got rachel even tho i wanted MONICA OH COME ON I EVEN LOOK LIKE HER WHY I TELL U WHY but enyways at leats joe proposed to me and then ross wants me back man i am loved heheh

    razhan May 2 '10, 2:28PM
  • kwl i got ross i hate rachel she so.....well like this i love ross,I HATE ROSS, i love ross ,I HATE ROSS.....its like make up your mind do you want him or not!
    no offense to people who like her though...:) my faves are joey and phoebe! there so funny!

    Lulu Mcstarpants Apr 24 '10, 3:47AM
  • I got Ross xD

    Ciel Apr 5 '10, 3:22PM
  • Ok then....

    Devin65 Mar 5 '10, 5:14PM

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