Which celeb BFF are you?

So, this is Which Celeb BFF are you?! You can either get Demi/Selena, Ashley/Vanessa, or Sara/Emma. Hope you know who they are, if not, I am really sorry! Okay, well that's about it...

So in just a few mins or so you will find out which celeb BFF you are. Good luck and I hope this works. It was kind of hard to make it. So, thanks for taking the time to take it!

Created by: aszand_58
  1. Your idea of the perfect weekend with your BFF is:
  2. You got caught passing a not to your BFF in class. What does it say?
  3. Which movie would you and your friends rater see?
  4. At the school dance, you and your friends are most likely to be:
  5. Do you and your best friend call each other before going out to discuss your outfits?
  6. You and your BFF like the same guy! You:
  7. What would you and your BFF rather do on a Friday night?
  8. How long have you been BFFs with her/him?
  9. How often do you guys hang out after school?
  10. I'm sorry, all out of Q's. This doesn't effect your score...

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Quiz topic: Which celeb BFF am I?