My celebrity boyfriend

Celebreties are well known persons and became role-models. Just thinking about the 100 sexiest men alive... and that's when it starts: Thinking about: which hot celeb guy would I choose to be with? A fairytales beginning

Just try that quiz and find out to which group of celeb guys you are attracted to... believe me: the 5 different categories are really hot ones! And it's really fast if you're working in the office..and you have free time..don't hesitate - TRY

Created by: Flying_Dutchwomen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your first attention on a men belongs to his ....
  2. Which outfit would you choose for your boyfriend?
  3. Think about your lover's hairstyle
  4. main characteristic's should be:
  5. Pick the category that you like the most
  6. Your lover asks you to choose the right place for the first date... you pick:
  7. What's unforgivable for you concerning a serious relationsship ?
  8. My birthday present for him would be:
  9. What's your opinion on tattoos?

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