yay a quiz: how cool!

We all know and love them: celebrities! Some you love to watch, others you cringe at their stupidty. Some you enjoy fantasizing about, others are your worst nightmare.

Which celebrity are you like? Are you crazy and fun, or quite and sensible? Which celebrity are you like? (oopps i already siad that. hahaha) Find out now!

Created by: jessica of this site
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  1. how crazy are you?
  2. what do you do on weekends?
  3. what kinda movies do you like?
  4. what's your fav holiday?
  5. what animal would you be if you could be an animal?
  6. would you rather go to hollwood, new york, or london?
  7. what super power would you want?
  8. what do you want to be?
  9. what sport do you like
  10. if you had to be constantly freezing, or constantly sweating, which would you choose?

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