See if you are your own personality

Have you ever been told you act like a celebrity? Have you ever been told to act like yourself? Are you a celebrity maniac and act like tthem to be cool? Take this quiz to find out!

Hoping that you are not the celebrity copier? Hoping to just be yourself? Wanna find out? Take this quiz! Yup.. This quiz.. This one.. Take it!

Created by: jessy

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  1. Do you watch a certain TV show and try to act like the main star of the show or one of the actors?
  2. Do you watch TV too much?
  3. Do you say your favorite celebrities catch phrase often? (If He/She has one)
  4. If someone asked you to change your personality.. Would you do it?
  5. You use to hate something.. But your favorite celebrity LOVES it. Would you start liking it too?
  6. If you met your favorite celebrity and became His/Her best friend.. Would you start to act like them?
  7. Would you act like me? Since I was the creater of this quiz? :P
  8. Did the last question upset you?
  9. Do you know what a TV is?
  10. Are you desperate for the results?

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Quiz topic: See if you am Ir own personality