What's Your Beauty Personality?

What is YOUR Beauty Personality? Are you rebel? What about Earthy? Or are you more of a Preppy personality? Just take a minute of your time to answer just 12 questions, and you will find out!

Well, have fun with the quiz, answer honestly (not that it even really matters) and that's about it! oh, please leave comments and rate when you are finished! Thanks and enjoy!

Created by: aszand_58
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  1. Which wallpaper would you pick to put on your computer?
  2. Which color do you usually pick to paint your nails?
  3. At school, which class do/did you like most?
  4. You are running late for work/class. You still take time to put on:
  5. Where will your main hangout be this summer?
  6. Your friends are getting together to dye each other's hair. You decide to do:
  7. Which shoes will you be wearing most this summer?
  8. You are at the mall trying to pick out a new perfume. Out of all the different scents, which one seems the most YOU?
  9. If you could have been in any of these movies, which one would you have picked?
  10. Which color do you like best?

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Quiz topic: What's my Beauty Personality?