Do you have inner beauty??

There are some people that have inner beauty but most are just like the "populars" in middle and high school. Are you a "popular" or do you have inner beauty? The mean, clumsy, vain, and irratable tipe or the nice, down-to-earth kind of person?

Find out if you have inner beauty or if you are like the populars. ARE you mean or down-to-earth. ARE you nice or clumsy. FIND OUT NOW!! TAKE THIS QUIZ NOW OR YOU WILL NEVER KNOW--this MIGHT change the way you think about yourself!

Created by: Paige of sophisticatedbeauty
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you shop a lot?
  2. Do you diet?
  3. Do you care about Global Warming?
  4. I am crushing on a celebraty...
  5. QUICK! Extra Points may or may not be rewarded...
  6. I own a cell phone
  7. Guys/girls make you...
  8. I have...
  9. I have...
  10. After taking this quiz, how do you feel?

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Quiz topic: Do I have inner beauty??