discover you personality type

personalities, there are many different types. what is a peronality? well its your charactristic. how you act , how you come across to other people. personalities are very important as they show many things about you....

......what personality type are YOU? caring? sociable? well take this amazing quiz and in afew miniutes you can see what you personality is. WOW!....!

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  1. do you have a large group of friends?
  2. wouldyou rather give or riecieve a present?
  3. do you make people laugh
  4. are you always a happy go lucky person ?
  5. do you go to your friends for advice?
  6. do you buy your friends presents?
  7. do you speak your mind??
  8. can you handle alot of attention??
  9. do you get embaressed easily???
  10. do you think the best of everyone
  11. are you romantic
  12. do you have lots of energy??
  13. are you more happy when your with friends??
  14. are you a kind person ?
  15. do you like most people you meet?
  16. are you cooprotive?
  17. you like to do things at the spur of the moment?
  18. do you do want you want?

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