Personality test

Some people are mean, some people are kind, some are, blah, blah, blah. But what are you, huh??????? Every one has a true peronality. So....... take this awesome quiz, and discover the true you!!!!!

I've made this short, twelve question quiz for any one who wants to take it. Discover you personality type! Take only a few moments, then wait for your results. This quiz will tell you!

Created by: two_four_six_eight

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  1. Someone who you don't know sticks his tongue out at you. What do you do?
  2. You hurt your knee, so you?
  3. You got a new hair cut, and your enemy laughs at you! You....
  4. Your ideal vacation is?
  5. Favourite kind of movie?
  6. What kind of prank would you play?
  7. You're getting dirty! Mud is all over you!
  8. You're getting a haircut! What style will you choose?
  9. What new backpack will you choose?
  10. Last one..... what name would suit you best?

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