Are you a cat or a dog?

This test evaluates if your personality fits a cat or a dog. A cat is lazy and gets bored easily and dog find fun in almost anything. So, answer the ultimate question; ARE YOU A CAT OR DOG??

You might not think this test is correct, or maybe you thought the outcome was bogus. Then take it again and try to make it fit for your personality. Really think about the questions.

Created by: I live in your basement
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  1. Are you often distracted?
  2. Are you lazy?
  3. Do you eat a lot?
  4. Do you own cats or dogs?
  5. Are you outside a lot?
  6. Do you often get bored?
  7. Are you shy?
  8. Do you like vegetables or meat more?
  9. What do you think of showers?
  10. Where are you more often, in your bedroom bored or around the house entertaining yourself?
  11. Do moving things easily distract you?
  12. Are you often close to people, physically?
  13. Do things lose fun quickly?

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Quiz topic: Am I a cat or a dog?