What kind of music describes you??

This is the ultimate test to find out what style of music you are. Are u wild and crazy? Daring and bold? Calm and collective? This how you will find out this what genre of music fits you best.

This awesome quiz by J-Dizzle will help you discover what type of music best fits your personality. Take this quiz!!! It might give you a new insight with yourself!!!

Created by: Jtsquared4
  1. On a rainy day you most like to____
  2. You hear a strange noise and____
  3. You think your symbol is something like _____
  4. Your favorite color is_____
  5. Do you like pretty little liars?
  6. Is there a person in the sane room as you right now?
  7. Does your name start with a vowel?
  8. Do you have a dog?
  9. Do you read?
  10. Do you like tacos?

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Quiz topic: What kind of music describes me??