What Song Describes you?

Everybody listens to music, and everybody likes music. If you don't, then why aren't you in a mental hospital. Well, I guess there are some people who like dubstep, but whatever. This is a quiz, to determine, which song describes you.

NOTE: This quiz is reserved only for people who like rock music, or a deviation of rock, like Punk or Metal. Any other genre will find nothing in this quiz

Created by: Chris

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  1. What if your view of the world, in a deep sense.
  2. With of these song lyrics would you say, you understand, or agree with it?" IE: You may quote this for say a speech, or maybe even a bumper sticker, the cornerstone of debates
  3. What is you favorite genre of rock (if any)
  4. Which of the following bands is you favorite if the listing. (If you don't know/hate these bands, pick the one you know the best)
  5. Which instrument do you play? (If any)
  6. Have you ever felt that your the one in a million that understands what's going on?
  7. Have you ever felt like you didn't belong?
  8. Have you ever been bullied, or has someone been using you for something?
  9. Have you ever had that creative strive?
  10. Have you ever just wanted to leave your problems, and just focus on the finer things in life?

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