7 minutes in heaven celeb version

I'm having a party, yadda yadda, the usual group, yadda yadda, guys show up yadda yadda but omo omo omo celeb guys? I have connections so no one doubt me. Yup four celeb guys showed up. Aren't you lucky and glad that I invited you?

Choices... BILLY GILMAN I LOVE HIM FOREVER! Zac Efron, Nick Jonas, and the ugly Brad Kavangh. Screw him! So who will you get? If you get Billy Gilman go back and take the quiz again because he's finnnneee and alllllll mmmiiinnnneee!

Created by: thefuturemrsbillygilman
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick a number
  2. What's your favorite color.
  3. Which one of these songs is your favorite?
  4. What genre of music is your favorite?
  5. Which name is cuter?
  6. What kind of hair does your crush have?
  7. No you have a British accent or does your crush have a British accent?
  8. Almost done!
  9. One more question
  10. Okay, done

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