Which cat are you?

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Want to find out which cat you are MOST like from The Veil? Take this quiz to find out. You might be jumpy and energetic like Rio or cranky and disagreeable like Shasta.

Most of the questions are yes or no but some of them have different things to choose from. When you are done it will tell you which cat you are most like!!!!!!

Created by: Theresa

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like the outdoors?
  2. Are you shy or outgoing?
  3. Do you like traveling?
  4. Do you like cats?
  5. Do you like collecting things?
  6. Do you like getting dirty and roughhousing?
  7. Are you a know-it-all?
  8. Are you sometime cranky or disagreeable?
  9. Are you very strong?
  10. Do you value friendship?
  11. Are you energetic and jumpy?

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Quiz topic: Which cat am I?