How well do you know pierce the veil?

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This quiz is all about pierce the veil. Some questions are more advanced than others. Test it out and see what you think even if you done listen to them you could learn some new things!

Pierce the veil is my favorite band and I love them with all my heart. I haven't seen them in concert yet but I'm going to warped tour 2015 this year and there going too!

Created by: Maddi

  1. What brand and color of shoes does Jaime admire most?
  2. Who in the band has no tattoos but does have a piercing?
  3. Who are all the band members?
  4. Who in the band are brothers?
  5. What is tony nickname?
  6. Who's favorite animal is what?
  7. Who has a tattoo of a robot shooting lasers from its eyes?
  8. In order what are pierce the veils albums?
  9. Why do not many people like pierce the veil?
  10. Who explodes explodes in the pierce the veil roadies video?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know pierce the veil?