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  • OMG this is crappy. So many questions with no correct answers available.

    #2 When he was Richard Rogers, it was Alexander, but when he changed his name to Richard Castle, it is Edgar

    #4 Martha AND Rick were held hostage (no possible answer listed)

    #5 Alexis went to Columbia (not NYU, so OTHER)

    #6 is JaviEr, notice the E (it's NOT Javiar, you can't spell, so OTHER)

    #8 Kate was suspended and she then quit (so OTHER)

    #10 Rick is divorced but it happened about 6 years previously (OTHER?)

    ------- ------------------- -------

    #11 Where is the option for WORST QUIZ EVER? (the poor quiz proves it's not emilyperfect!, not by a loooonnng margin)

    Have you even watched more then 2 or 3 episodes of Castle? By your judgement, I'm only a 64% Castle fan. I think that YOU are a 64% (or less) Castle fan because you couldn't even write a proper quiz. I've watched every episode multiple times. Only someone who has seen them all should be creating this quiz.


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