Which Castle character are you quiz?

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There are many tv shows in the world,The best one ever is abc's 'Castle'! Are you obsessed?take the quiz to find out! Do you know them at all?are You a HUGE fan?

But the one question you must ask yourself is...Will you like your result?only you know,so take the quiz! right now! thanks! go on! yay! Who reads these anyway?

Created by: emilyperfect
  1. Who's mom is dead?
  2. What is Rick Castle's middle name?
  3. What person died in the season 3 finale?
  4. Who was held hostage in a bank?
  5. Where does Alexis go to college?
  6. What is Detective Esposito's first name?
  7. which is true about the season 3 finale?
  8. What is true about the season 4 finale?
  9. Which Castle Character has a pet cat?
  10. What is true about season 4?
  11. How did you like this quiz?

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