How well do you know Castle Crashers?

there is only a few Castle Crashers geniuses in this world BUT are you a true CC genius? come here to test if your the chosen one my fellow knight! GOOD LUCK

do you have what it takes to be the chosen one and join the Castle Crashers tornament(if there is one)This might be the only Castle Crashers Quiz here

Created by: Leila
  1. Who is the first boss?
  2. who do you verse in the final battle?
  3. who are the main characters?
  4. is there really a dark knight?
  5. What is the name head creator?
  6. What is the last level you can be?
  7. How do you get the pet Cat?
  8. Where do you get the Ice Sword?
  9. Where is the Enemy Snakey?
  10. Who do you get when you defeat the game with Red Knight?
  11. Who is the Drawer guy? (sorry i dont a name for it)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Castle Crashers?