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  • Your Result: Bugs Bunny

    What's up Doc? You are the coolest of characters, never phased and always on top of the situation. When your wisecracks don't keep you out of trouble, your ability to run very fast keeps you safe!

    Donald Duck
    Jessica Rabbit
    Marge Simpson
    Fred Flintstone
    Penelope Pitstop
    Barbar the Elephant

    haha not true, but i <3 bugs bunny! He's so funny! Looney Toons Rock! =P

    Puppy xo1
  • Bugs bunny I do like to make jokes sometimes but can't really relate besides that but a cool cartoon character anyways that I grew up with in my childhood. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • bugs bunny
    OMG i <33 bugs bunny!!! LOLzz


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