Which Candidate Is For You

There are currently four 2012 Presidential candidates running for office in the United States.

This quiz will let you know who you support, in case you don't know. These are simple questions that have an impact in your voting decision. Take time to consider your answers.

Created by: AveDr
  1. I want MY income to be taxed more than it currently is.
  2. It should be illegal for any man or woman to smoke any drug other than cigarettes in any home anywhere in the United States.
  3. I hold the idea that Government regulations are good for the economy - not spoiling job creation or economic growth.
  4. The United States should go to war with Iran ASAP.
  5. Terrorist attacks occur in the US mainly because it's citizens are free and that makes the terrorists jealous.
  6. I desire a small government.
  7. Social security should be mandated.
  8. Vitim-less crimes like prostitution and drug abuse should be outlawed and intense charges like imprisonment should be in place for their use.
  9. Enforcing an age limit to working is both good for the business that's looking for employees and good for the unemployed job-seeker.
  10. I want a male President.
  11. It doesn't matter how much money the Federal Reserve prints - as long as it gets in the right hands.
  12. Pro-life.

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