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This is the Beta version of the AGS 2064 I Side With. In the 2064 elections the American Government Simulation has some tough choices, hopefully this quiz can make those choices a little easier.

This test will ask you about the issues facing our sim and tell you which presidential candidate best suits your beliefs. You will be paired with either Jones or Keller, the two first candidates to announce their candidacies for President!

Created by: Ethan Suquet
  1. Abortion
  2. Minimum Wage
  3. Balanced Budget Amendment
  4. Map Maker Amendment
  5. Red Tide
  6. Supreme Court Bias
  7. 28th Amendment
  8. Gun Control
  9. General Spending
  10. Sim Reform
  11. Caucusing
  12. Good Sim Membership
  13. Trade
  14. Regulations
  15. Budget, your ideal federal budget would spend closest to ____________ (note the current AGS budget spends slightly over 3 trillion

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