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  • YEZ my bias is suga and i got suga hes mine XD

    min suga Aug 18 '18, 2:06am
  • Suga’s actually my bias wrecker but good quiz! ❤️

    Miss Infinity May 25 '18, 3:56pm
  • I didnt get my bias but i liked that you put "pray" as one of the answers in a fire stituation i would try to break out if that didnt work ill pray. "HEY STOB IT" as one of your answers made me laugh me up so much!

    DanielbtsV May 14 '18, 4:42pm
  • I got my Bias Monnie

    AnimeNeko513 May 7 '18, 11:02am
  • lol they got someone on my bias list

    XxAnalisaxX Feb 13 '18, 6:47pm
  • Well I got my bias! Jimin 💕

    JiminIMSuga Jan 27 '18, 1:01am