Which Brothers Are You?

There are many brothers in the musical world, whether they be Madden, Jonas, Van Zant, Gallagher, Reid or any other brothers. And forgive me if I'm wrong, there are many brothers.

Which brothers are you? Take this quiz and you can find out within only a few minutes, which isn't much time, unless of course you only have a few minutes to live.

Created by: potto
  1. Which of the following characterizes your appearance?
  2. What kind of music style do you like?
  3. Pick a place
  4. Favourite female singer...
  5. If you were to do a music video it would include...
  6. What would you write songs about
  7. Pick a line...
  8. Who did you get in the Dumbo Flies Again quiz?
  9. Did you take the Dumbo flies again quiz?
  10. Take the dumbo flies again quiz. type in this site's name and then dumbo_flies_again

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Quiz topic: Which Brothers am I?