I Love The Jonas Brothers

Hi my quiz has a variety of questions about me and a few of my favorite things! take this quiz and see how your score turns out!!it has question about the jonas brothers and like my favorite stuff!!!

if you think you know all the answers and you can get them right go ahed and try to ! i hope you can get a high score!and if you are still reading this you shouldn't because you should be taking my quiz!lol

Created by: Julie
  1. What Is My Favorite Jonas Brother?
  2. What Was The First Jonas Brothers Song I Heard?
  3. What Is My Favorite Jonas Brothers Song Now?
  4. What Is my favorite movie?
  5. What Do i think of "Gotta Find YOu"
  6. My wall is covered with Kevin jonas
  7. what is my favorite catch phrase, exclamations or word?
  8. What is my favorite color?
  9. What do i like to do to edit my pictures
  10. What is my favorite amusment park?
  11. why is this quiz called 'I love the jonas brothers?
  12. what kind of shoes do i like?

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