Are you a 2012 TMNT Donnie fangirl

I am a huge Donnie fangirl and just want to see if others like him as much as I do. I think he is the cutest little thing, his red eyes, his cute gap.

Do you love donnie, the underrated genius? I have to write more so, I don't ship him and April because she doesn't deserve such a great guy like donnie.

Created by: Donniefangirl
  1. Do you think Donnie's cute?
  2. Do you love how smart he is?
  3. Do you daydream of either you or an Oc dating or marrying him?
  4. Do you have any Donnie merchandise that you hug and kiss like say, a foot and a half long plush?
  5. The finale question, do you love donnie?
  6. Sorry thought of one more thing, do you love his adorable gap teeth?
  7. Just found out I have to have at least 10 questions so I wont make these count.
  8. Just three more sorry.
  9. Randomnesssssssssssss
  10. Last one yes sorry about that

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Quiz topic: Am I a 2012 TMNT Donnie fangirl