Which Breed of Rabbit Should You Get?

Different rabbit breeds have different personalities and quirks. Some are big, small, spunky, or sweet. They come in short and long fur, and come in different colors.

Are you considering getting a rabbit? Not sure which breed to get? Take this quiz to find out more about rabbit breeds and which breed you should get.

Created by: Lapin

  1. Do you want a cuddly bunny?
  2. Are you willing to groom a rabbit daily?
  3. What size rabbit do you want?
  4. Are you keeping your rabbit indoors or outdoors?
  5. Do you want a curious, playful bunny?
  6. What color rabbit would you like?
  7. What color eyes do you want your rabbit to have?
  8. Do you want a rabbit with short, medium, or long fur?
  9. What breed do you think you'll get? Don't worry, it won't affect your answer.
  10. Just for fun: What are boy and girl rabbits called?

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Quiz topic: Which Breed of Rabbit should I Get?